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Film Developing Mail Order





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Color Print (C-41) Film Rolls

We cannot process C-22 film, B&W or Slide Film

Save Time
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In Lab Time
1 Business Day

35mm Rolls
Color Print Film

Single Use

Advantix Film
IX 240

Medium Format

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Reprints and Enlargements From Negatives / Slides

35mm Negatives
Color or B&W

120 Negatives
Color or B&W 

Avantix Film


Odd Size Negatives/Slides 

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Film to Digital - Scan Film to CD or Upload Without Prints



Develop & Scan
35mm, 120 or Advantix

Scan Full Rolls Uncut
35mm, 120 or Advantix




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Film Developing at it's very best


The Photo Place has been developing color film and printing photos since 1983. If your locallab stopped processing it or has closed, we can do it for you. We have tried to make this asimple process; you ship it to us and we process it and ship it back to you within onebusiness day. You can rest assured that your film will be processed and printed to thehighest standards of the photofinishing industry. All prints are color and density correctedmanually. Our print specialists each have no less than 15 years experience correctingprofessional photographer's images. The Photo Place will develop and print all C-41 colorprint film, including 35 mm film processing, single use (disposable) camera film developing,medium format 120 film processing, and Advantix APS film processing. Our 220 and 120 filmprocessing and our 35mm professional processing are printed on Kodak Supra EnduraLustre paper, which is the finest professional paper in the photofinishing industry.


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Film Developing by mail

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