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express digital FAQS

Express Digital Software Versions

Web Edition

Ideal for low to medium volume photographers who do not need to use the Express Digital template maker.

Core Edition

Designed for moderate volume wedding, portrait or sports photographers.


Express Digital Web Edition

The Express Digital Darkroom Web Edition is free for photographers who would like to post images for sale on the web at Photoreflect and send images to our lab for printing.

Web Edition Installation

First, download the Express Digital Darkroom Wed Edition software.

After downloadiing and installing the web edition launch the software (the icon will be located on your desktop). Click on LOGIN. You do not need to enter any login information yet.

DO NOT setup a PhotoReflect Account at this time. If you already have a PhotoReflect account you may need to follow additional steps to complete the installation.

We can help you if you do have problems by calling (330) 799-7771.

Select My Setup from the tabs at the bottom of the window.

Click on Photographer Info. This option is located in the menu on the left hand side of the screen.

Several Options will open up below Photographer Info. Please select Your Lab Account.

If you already have a private labtricity account ID and PIN number given to you by The Photo Place, Inc., then you should enter it at this time.If you do not, please call The Photo Place, Inc., at (330) 799-7771 to obtain one.

(Note: If you do not get a private labtricity account ID and PIN from us you will not be receiving the lowest price possible for your lab orders. If you already have an open network account call us to get setup with a private network account.)


After completing these steps you are ready to begin building packages, editing images and placing orders. Follow the steps below to begin working with Express Digital Darkroom.

Building Print Packages

You will need to set up print sizes that you will use to place orders to The Photo Place.

Launch the software and navigate to the My Setup tab.

Select "Products and Services".

Select "Package Groups". You will probably see a sample package group existing, but this group is not set up for lab fulfillmant, so do not use it. After creating your own package group, this sample group should be deleted.

On the left hand side of the screen, click "New Group". A dialog box will appear after clicking new group. Name the package to suit your needs, such as "Sports " or "Wedding" packages and hit OK.

After hitting OK, you will probable notice that "Package 1" appeared below your new package group name. Double click on Package 1 to rename it and assign it a retail price if you like.



If you do not assign a price, the software will ask if you are sure you want to give this package away for free. This is fine if you aren't publishing an event with this package group for sale on the web. We recommend naming it "1-4x5 Luster" or "1-8x10 Luster". Afterwards, click OK.

Now, click "Add lab print item" found on the right side of your screen. Choose the Photo Place, Inc. print item you would like to use to fill the package.

After finding the print with which to fill your package, click OK at the bottom of the print list window. Now you should see the name of your package on the left side of the screen and see the item with which it is filled in the center of the screen. To build your next package, click "Add Package" on the left side of the screen. Name your package (example:"1-4x5 Luster"). You can also assign your price now, if you wish.

Click "Add Lab Print Item" on the right side of the screen and add the corresponding lab print item to your package.

Repeat this process to build your shopping cart.

Placing an Order

Launch the software and navigate to the Photo Library. To create a new catalog, press the letter "C" on your keyboard.

Name the catalog and click "OK". You can fill in all the other information now if you wish, but it isn't necessary.

Click "A" on the keyboard to add photos to the library. A window will pop up and you must browse for the folder where your pictures are stored.

Select the pictures you would like to add to the catalog and click "OK".



Once you've addded the pictures into your Photo Library you may want to make sure they're oriented and sorted properly.

To manipulate photo orientation, select one (or multiple) image and click the letter "O" on the keyboard to rotate clockwise.

To sort the photos by filename click "sort" at the top of the screen. Then tell the software to sort by file name in ascending order.

To view the photo file names you can click "view" at the top of the screen and tell the software to view photo filenames.

Editing Your Images

To edit the images navigate to the "Photo Workshop".

In the "Photo Workshop" you will see your images on the left hand side. They may or may not be in the same order they were in the photo library. To ensure that they are, right click on any image and make sure the images are sorted however you would like. Here you can also tell software to view the photo filename.

You will notice in the Photo Library that you have several tabs near the bottom of the screen. They read "Enhance, Correct, and Color". These will be your main color and density correcting tabs.


Remember to SAVE CHANGES to your photo after manipulating it either by clicking on the "save changes" button or by hitting"S" on the keyboard.

Once you have corrected your images you may place your order. You can place and order either in the Photo Library or in the Photo Workshop. Select an image and click on a package you have previously set up to add it to your chopping card and click "place order". If you wish to place a batch order where every image will be printed at the same size and quantity, place a "BATCH" order from the Photo Library.

Placing A Batch Order

Navigate to the Photo Library and hit the "Batch" button NEAR the top of the screen.


A window will appear where you can tell the software to "print all photos in the event". Then click the "add" button to select the quantity and print size you would like for each picture. Once you have done this click "Save Orders".

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