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Peruvian Lily (Alstroemeria)
Peruvian Lilies are clump-forming tubers that send upward-facing leaves and flowers. They come in many colors, all with speckles, streaks, and stripes of darker colours.

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Lilies, you cannot drive but a few miles from your house here in Eastern United States, without seeing thousands of Lilies along the roadside. Orange on of my favorite colors. Relax sit back and enjoy the Lilly parade.

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Macro Photography
Sit back and take a trip into the little things in life! The things that you walk by everyday, and do not notice. Things you look and do not see. Things you wouldn't see without the technology and a trained human eye to catch them. Welcome to the world

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Stained Glass
Churches around the world are known by their Stained Glass. People may not recall the name of the Church, but can't forget the Stained Glass. Here's just beginning of this Gallery! Consider the Glass Printing Option here..You'll be amazed at the be

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Gerber Daisy
One of Natures most Beautiful Flowers. There are many colors, and sizes. One of this Photographers favorites.

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Wild Flowers of Ohio
You seen these as you have driven, or bicycled down the highways and by-ways of Ohio. Now see them from a different prospective! Macro, up close and sometimes very personal.

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